Car Inverter

Car Inverter

Modified sine wave based our Smart Car Inverter is a unique device to convert DC supply to AC for operating innumerable AC devices like laptop, TV, fan, cooler, etc. This is the convenient conversion of car battery power to operate domestic appliances.

 Technical Specification

Model CI120 CI200
DC Input(V) 10 to 15
Base USB / DC connector
Short Circuit Current(A) ≤0.68 ≤0.75
AC Output 220 V, 50Hz
Power(W) 120 200
Size (LxWxH)(mm) 95x64x38 170x95x54
Weight (gms) 300 760

Salient Features

    • Highly efficient
    • Modified sine wave mode
    • Iron and customized enclosure
    • Quiet operation, long service life.
    • Can be used in the car cigarette lighter head.
    • LED Display