eScooter/eMotorcycle Battery

Designed and Made in India, Lithium-ion eScooter battery is an ideal source of energy for e scooters. They have excellent safety features & compact design, being the best options available & suitable for your scooters.

Our eScooter battery is easily replaceable with SLA & VRLA batteries & can be optimized according to the need the different variants with an assurance to get a long battery life & 100% efficiency are available.

They can be used for a longer time period as compared to the lead-acid battery packs & also take care of the environment, being non-polluting.

We also offer electric bike batteries. Our batteries do not require a battery change until the minimum lifespan of at least three years as they deliver high capacities. The maintenance is not required.

Future Hi-Tech is serving with quality & proving to be a one-stop solution for all your electric vehicle battery requirements.

Also, the capacity of our eScooter battery is also good and does not require a battery change until the minimum lifespan of at least three years. You can save the maintenance cost over these batteries as they don’t require regular maintenance.

48V 20Ah | 48V 40Ah

Salient Features of eScooter battery

  • 100% Efficient for Charge / Discharge
  • Eco-Friendly in Nature
  • Quick Charge
  • Plug & Play Battery
  • Mechanical Locking Arrangement

Protection Features of eScooter battery

  • Cutoff – Over Charge & Discharge
  • Temperature Cutoff
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Shock Absorption
  • Short Circuit Protection