Lithium Cell


Lithium as the revolution has taken over the market with its need in almost all the applications today is the safest choice.

The Lithium-ion cells are crafted for the Indian market which is continuously struggling for the right quality and price against the major high priced brand or poor low-cost cells.

Here Future Hi-Tech Batteries take an edge & lead with its futuristic approach with an aim to deliver true capacities with cost-effectiveness & so is emerging as the brand of the future.

Our specially designed Lithium-ion cells are produced under stringent quality controls at the origin of the manufacturing & then undergo the high standards of QC in India before reaching our customers.

Cylindrical Lithium Cell

The widely used cell type is the cylindrical cell. We supply the highest quality of cylindrical cells with two versions available with us NMC 3.7V & LFP 3.2V.

We offer a wide range range to choose from for NMC 3.7V with different capacities ranging from 650mAh to 5000mAh & different life cycles.

In the cell type LFP 3.2V , we have models ranging from capacities 1000mAh to 5000mAh. This huge variety in cells find its place in applications like solar, medical devices, portable devices, EV.


Prismatic Lithium Cell

Prismatic cells are gaining immense significance because of their huge capacity to store charge & peculiar prismatic sleek shape.

This further gives an advantage as it enables to connect lesser cells together in order to make a Battery Pack. In this cell type, we provide LFP 3.2V Prismatic Lithium cells which are best used in solar devices,ESS & Telecom Modules & EV.


Salient Features of Lithium-Ion Cells

  • Life up to 10 years
  • Contamination-free energy
  • 95 % Power Efficient
  • True capacity performer
  • Low IR
  • Lightweight
  • Up to 6C current rating

Protection Features of Lithium-Ion Cells

  • Short Circuit
  • Thermal Shock
  • Penetration
  • Explosions