Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP)

LFP / LifePO4 Cells

LFP also known as Lithium Ferro Phosphate or LiFePo4 is one of the chemistry of lithium used for energy storage battery construction. LFP or LiFePo4 provides  long cycle life i.e. 2000 or even more than that. Solar and electrical vehicle where long operational life is required LFP is the solution.

It may be of cylindrical or prismatic shape. Most popular in cylindrical 18650, 26650 & 32650.

To form  battery packs LFP or LiFePo4 cells can be joined in series or parallel combination to achieve higher capacity range.

We carry BIS approved ‘Future’ branded LFP or LiFePo4 cells in cylindrical shape, some popular cell are as under:

Code Voltage Capacity (mAh) Dimensions
CF010 3.2 1000 18500
CF015 3.2 1500 18650
CF030 3.2 3000 26650
CF032 3.2 3200 26650


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