Production Testing (R&D)

Production, Testing and R&D

We have vast in-house production, testing and research & development facilities to design, develop and produce Lithium energy storage solutions even fully customized as per client’s requirements.


  • Battery production : 120 MW/pa
  • Testing: : 90 MW/pa

good quality lithium ion battery

All our products pass through stringent quality and aging checks to deliver optimum results with possible long life.
The setup of installed machinery in production, testing and R&D is procured from world’s best machine makers, such as:

  • Maccor, USA
  • Honbro, China
  • Agilent Technologies, USA
  • Mitotoyo, Japan
  • Arcotronics, Italia
  • Shimadzu, Japan
  • Neware, China
  • Vencon Technologies, Canada